Coen Young


Group Exhibition: Snowblind

Fox Jensen McCrory presents a group exhibition.

Cultural Capital: On Liking it Before it was Cool

In this third of an ongoing series on her highly intriguing ethnographic study of the New York art world, Hannah Wohl explains her concept of creative vision as it applies to the endeavours of art collectors.

Cultural Capital: You Know Who You Are

The art world snobs we know and love(?)...

Cultural Capital: Rules of Engagement

How (not) to talk to an artist about their work.

Cultural Capital: And Then I Realised…

Getting to the place where you’re on good terms with contemporary art involved a journey sometimes you forget you took. The stopovers along the way were a series of realisations. Let’s revisit them.

Cultural Capital: Talking about your collection

How to not sound like a pompous p**** when talking about the artists in your collection.

Primavera 2019 to be curated by artist Mitch Cairns

Seven artists selected for the MCA’s premier showcase of young Australian talent.

Group Exhibition: Evenfall

Fox Jensen McCrory presents the group exhibition Evenfall.


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