Survey: What’s wrong with the art world?

We asked a group of people from directors to artists and writers.

In the Works: Art history 101

Visual arts 101: Lessons on influential works and their significance.

Lifecycle of a Collector: The Split

In the second of this four-part series, we discuss the question: what happens to an art collection when a couple splits?

Agenda: When Bigger is Better

The latest commercial gallery trend? Go big or go home.

Cultural Capital: The art world smoke and mirrors revealed

Our writers reveal the smoke and mirrors of the art world.

Ann Shelton: Close to the Wind

A new exhibition by one of New Zealand’s most lauded lens-based practitioners Ann Shelton explores female experiences of representation, control, fertility and trauma.

Tim Silver: The Silver Bullet

Tim Silver’s work shoots straight from the hip, investigating the spaces between love, fragility, decay and death.

Sarah Contos: The Spellbinder

Beauty in trauma, magic in dirt… to understand the work of Sarah Contos is to understand how uncomfortably comfortable she is with life’s endless contradictions.

Betty Muffler: Healing Hands

Painter Betty Muffler offers the surreal quality of healing not only to her people, survivors and second generations, but also to her Country.