Noel McKenna: The quiet maverick

Rejected from architecture school and slipping into fine arts training by the skin of his teeth, Noel McKenna has gone on to become one of Australia’s most important contemporary practitioners.

Survey: What’s wrong with the art world?

We asked a group of people from directors to artists and writers.

In the Works: Art history 101

Visual arts 101: Lessons on influential works and their significance.

Lifecycle of a Collector: The Split

In the second of this four-part series, we discuss the question: what happens to an art collection when a couple splits?

Agenda: When Bigger is Better

The latest commercial gallery trend? Go big or go home.

Cultural Capital: The art world smoke and mirrors revealed

Our writers reveal the smoke and mirrors of the art world.

Ann Shelton: Close to the Wind

A new exhibition by one of New Zealand’s most lauded lens-based practitioners Ann Shelton explores female experiences of representation, control, fertility and trauma.

Tim Silver: The Silver Bullet

Tim Silver’s work shoots straight from the hip, investigating the spaces between love, fragility, decay and death.

Sarah Contos: The Spellbinder

Beauty in trauma, magic in dirt… to understand the work of Sarah Contos is to understand how uncomfortably comfortable she is with life’s endless contradictions.

Betty Muffler: Healing Hands

Painter Betty Muffler offers the surreal quality of healing not only to her people, survivors and second generations, but also to her Country.