A: 533 Bundanon Road, Illaroo NSW

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A national organisation in the region, the establishment of Bundanon Trust represents one of the most significant acts of philanthropy in the history of the arts in Australia. It was an audacious gesture driven by a big vision. Gifted to the Australian people in 1993 by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd, Bundanon is unique as a national cultural institution.

Located two hours from Sydney, on the banks of the Shoalhaven River on the New South Wales South Coast, Bundanon has a strong commitment to contributing to the cultural and tourism landscape of the region and to the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

2020 marks both the centenary of Arthur Boyd’s birthday and realisation of his vision of a gallery being built at Bundanon. Kerstin Thompson Architects’ 2017 concept design for a contemporary museum, creative learning centre and visitor hub will transform Bundanon and the Shoalhaven region.

Bundanon is home to an extensive $43 million collection of artworks by Arthur Boyd, his family and peers, such as Sidney Nolan, John Perceval, Joy Hester and Charles Blackman. The collection also includes works gifted and acquired from visual artists such as Brook Andrew, John R Walker, Jan Hendrix, Rosemary Laing and Polixeni Papapetrou, as well as housing an archive of artist books, scripts, compositions and working models related to works developed on the properties. Bundanon has also commissioned artworks by Linda Dement, Janet Laurence and Anne Ferran, which form part of the collection.

During redevelopment, both Bundanon Homestead and Arthur Boyd’s studio are open every Sunday. Summer 2020 to 2021 features cultural walks and a digital program of sound and conversation.

From the end of 2021, Bundanon offers an innovative artistic program, as well as immersive on-site stays and dining overlooking the Shoalhaven River.

Bundanon acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, and recognises their continuous connection to culture, community and Country.


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  • Historic building
  • Workshops
  • Cultural walks


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