A: 27 Beach Road, Auckland CBD, New Zealand

P: +64 9 217 3724




Zina Swanson: Watering Shadows

Sumer presents an exhibition of work by Zina Swanson.

Cindy Huang: Tracing a Gilded Trail

Sumer presents work by Cindy Huang.

Group Exhibition: Nova

Sumer presents a group exhibition.

Sumer Comes to Auckland

New Zealand-based gallery opens its new space with a bang.

Debutantes: Hikalu Clarke

Artists who leading gallerists have thrown their weight behind with a recent debut exhibition.

Collectors Love: Raukura Turei

With sell-out shows in 2021, these artists were clearly collector favourites of the year.

Artist Profile: Andrew Hazewinkel

An ancient city, a modern life. The work of Andrew Hazewinkel arrives at a liminal space between the folds of time.

Artist Profile: Zina Swanson

Historic plant lore has given Zina Swanson a contemporary way to consider how we make sense of the world around us.

Andrew Hazewinkel: Journeys in the Lifeworld of Stones (Displacements I–X)

Sumer presents work by Andrew Hazewinkel.

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy: Joy Field

Sumer presents work by Sarah Smuts-Kennedy.

Henry Curchod: Sharing the Sky

Sumer presents work by Henry Curchod.

Julia Morison: Omnium Gatherum: Alembic

Sumer presents work by Julia Morison.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Raukura Turei

Watch Emil McAvoy in conversation with artist Raukura Turei about 'He Tukuna III'.

Auckland Art Fair 2021 galleries announced

New Zealand’s premier art fair announces participating galleries for its 2021 edition.

Group Exhibition: Bower

Sumer presents a group exhibition.

Zina Swanson: Any Plant Thought of Too Much Will Not Thrive

Sumer presents work by Zina Swanson.

Areez Katki: On Chroma

Sumer presents work by Areez Katki.

Ella Sutherland: FOLDS

Sumer presents work by Ella Sutherland.

Andrew Hazewinkel: Rushing Air, Flooding Light

Sumer Contemporary Art presents a new exhibition of work by Andrew Hazewinkel.

Auckland Art Fair postponed

Auckland Art Fair announces postponement amidst coronavirus fears.

And the Auckland Art Fair galleries are…

Auckland Art Fair announces 2020 participating galleries + a special ticket offer.


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