Tim Melville

A:4 Winchester Street, Grey Lynn Auckland New Zealand

P:+64 9 378 1500


W: timmelville.com


Group Exhibition: Ngā Iwi Moemoeā – The Dreaming People

Tim Melville presents a group exhibition of work titled Ngā Iwi Moemoeā – The Dreaming People.

Joe Sheehan: Volumes

Tim Melville presents an exhibition of work by Joe Sheehan.

Judy Millar and Alberto Garcia-Alvarez: 2 In 1

Tim Melville and Gow Langsford Gallery present work by Judy Millar and Alberto Garcia-Alvarez.

Tim Melville representing Brett Graham

Auckland gallery adds sculptor Brett Graham to its roster.

Areez Katki: Notes & Methods

Tim Melville presents work by Areez Katki.

Roberta Thornley: My Head on your Heart

Tim Melville presents work by Roberta Thornley.

Tim Melville now representing Areez Katki

Auckland gallery adds NZ rising star to its stable.

Group Exhibition: Paper Trail

Tim Melville Gallery presents the group exhibition Paper Trail.

Auckland Art Fair postponed

Auckland Art Fair announces postponement amidst coronavirus fears.

Salome Tanuvasa: Autotelic

Tim Melville presents work by Salome Tanuvasa.

And the Auckland Art Fair galleries are…

Auckland Art Fair announces 2020 participating galleries + a special ticket offer.

Group Exhibition: Release the Stars

Tim Melville Gallery presents group exhibition Release the Stars.

Elliot Collins: Solastalgia

Tim Melville Gallery presents work by Elliot Collins.

Russ Flatt: Hell Bent

Tim Melville presents work by Russ Flatt.

Joe Sheehan: Real Estate

Tim Melville Gallery presents work by Joe Sheehan.

Warmun Artists: Country/Whenua

Tim Melville Gallery presents works by Warmun artists.

Alberto Garcia-Alvarez: Labyrinth

Tim Melville presents work by Alberto Garcia-Alvarez.

Salome Tanuvasa: Mirrored Systems

Tim Melville Gallery presents work by Salome Tanuvasa.

Christina Pataialii: On the Lam

Tim Melville presents work by Christina Pataialii.

Cool Hunter Predictions: Christina Pataialii

Christina Pataialii has a singular eye for colour and an unwavering confidence across a range of materials and styles.

Auckland Art Fair 2019 gallery lineup announced

Auckland Art Fair has officially gone annual.

Johl Dwyer: Dreams of a Chrome T

Tim Melville presents work by Johl Dwyer.

What Next?: Salome Tanuvasa

Made within a strict set of environmental restraints dictated by her hectic schedule as a fulltime working mother and artist, Tanuvasa’s drawings are frank records of her immediate environment.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.
Russ Flatt

Russ Flatt: In-Between Spaces

There’s an unflinching honesty in the photography of Russ Flatt. Tender yet dangerous, this artist's complicated fictions are wide open to different readings.
Auckland Art Fair

Gallery highlights at Auckland Art Fair 2016

What's not-to-be-missed at the newly-returned fair.


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