Wagner Contemporary

A: 2 Hampden St, Paddington NSW Australia

P: +61 2 9360 6069

E: nadinewagner@wagnercontemporary.com.au

W: wagnercontemporary.com.au


Genevieve Carroll: The Wattle Room, Chapter 10, Inherited Way of Being

Wagner Contemporary presents new works by Genevieve Carroll.

Celia Perceval: Recent Paintings

Wagner Contemporary presents new works by Celia Perceval.

Christopher Orchard: Precarious

Wagner Contemporary presents a new body of work by one of Australia's figurative artists. In Christopher Orchard's new collection of drawings, the little bald man or 'everyman'- through a series of uncertain and sometimes hazardous events, analogues to the fragility of a precarious moment.

Min woo Bang: New Works

Wagner Contemporary presents new works by Min Woo Bang

Melissa Egan: Winds of Change

Wagner Gallery presents, Melissa Egan Winds of Change. 

Llewellyn Skye: They once felt like water

Wagner Contemporary presents work by Lewellyn Skye.

Paddington galleries come together for First Saturday event

Nine leading Sydney galleries simultaneously celebrate season launch on Saturday 5 February 2022.

Celia Perceval: Spring

Wagner Contemporary Gallery presents work by Celia Perceval.


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