Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.
Judith Wright

Collectors Love: Judith Wright

Sound is integral to Judith Wright’s installations and video work.
Sam Cranstoun

Sam Cranstoun: Post-Internet Painter

Sam Cranstoun’s practice has focused on historical events, incidents and figures, which he says, “Often involves archival research as well as a process of compulsively collecting images to use as potential drawings or paintings."

Leslie Rice: Black Velvet

While his early life was entwined wih tattooing, Leslie Rice is moving on.
Huseyin Sami-portrait

Huseyin Sami: Smashing Colours

With an appetite for experimentation and a thirst for historical knowledge, Huseyin Sami isn’t your garden-variety painter.


Graham Fletcher: Echo Paintings

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Graham Fletcher.