What’s in the Stockroom?

To celebrate 10 years since we started our ‘What’s in the Stockroom?’ newsletter, each week we wander through one of the region’s premiere stockrooms to find out what treasures lay inside.

Gallery 9

This week we visit Sydney’s Gallery 9, with director Allan Cooley. Pictured with artwork by Teelah George.

Teelah George, Sky Piece (Berlin, Belfast, Paris, Perth), 2019-2020. Thread, linen and bronze, 180 × 150cm.

“Teelah George is a multidisciplinary artist working with textiles, painting and sculpture. Within this work, George’s gentle yet strong and pervasive language expresses a poetic gradient of colour through the subtle application of thousands of stitches. Sky Piece captures a depth of field deeply reminiscent of its namesake,” says Cooley.

Alice Wormald, Certain Passages, 2020. Oil on linen, framed 140 × 110cm.

“Alice Wormald’s practice embodies a great depth of understanding of the technicalities of painting, with her own unique language of colour and the exploration of realism within collaged composition. The beauty of this work is experienced from near and far, allowing the viewer to choose their interaction between the intricacy and interplay of its abstract and literal forms.”

Julian Hooper, Standing Figure, 2019. Acrylic on linen, 137 × 91cm.

“In this work, Julian Hooper exhibits an intelligent and gentle intuition in his exploration of form through line and paint application. Hooper’s vigilant art making practice involves much drafting and orchestrating of the image before form is committed to its final surface.”

“It is the intellectual engagement, complexity and his understanding of form that makes this work such a joy to experience.”

Tonee Messiah, Augment and Halt, 2019. Oil on canvas, 137 × 152cm.

“Tonee Messiah is intricate and masterful in her art making practice. Highly skilled in her understanding of form, colour and paint application, her work expresses an interplay between harmony and tension, hard and soft; the beauty in these principles is exemplified in this work.”


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