What’s in the Stockroom?

To celebrate 10 years since we started our ‘What’s in the Stockroom?’ newsletter, each week we wander through one of the region’s premiere stockrooms to find out what treasures lay inside.

Gow Langsford Gallery

This week we visit Auckland’s Gow Langsford Gallery, with Gallery Director Gary Langsford.

Dale Frank, Andrew took every Thursday’s 17.30 Air Pelican flight from Newcastle to Canberra to spend the weekend shoplifting, 2019. Varnish and Epoxyglass on Perspex, 200 x 180cm.

“I particularly like this painting as it is such a wonderful combination of Dale Frank’s early style and recent work,” says Langsford.

“The left-hand side of the work opens up to reveal a mirrored plexiglass surface, a recent development in his practice, while the flowing ponds of blue and red refer back to the earlier works on canvas.”

Tony Cragg, Gate, 2017. Bronze, 120 x 115 x 95cm, base plate: 50 x 50cm.

“Gate is Tony Cragg at his finest. The fluidity Cragg achieves with the most solid of materials never ceases to fascinate. This visually moving molten mass of bronze reveals forms and profiles to the viewer as the sculpture is approached from different angles.”

“These semi-figurative works by Cragg in bronze, wood and cast stainless steel are some of my favourite works.”

Judy Millar, Untitled, 2020. Acrylic on vinyl, 220 x 550cm.

“This sumptuous large painting by Judy Millar is a recent work waiting in storage before being hung in the upcoming exhibition of works by Millar and Alberto Garcia-Alvarez, 2 in 1, opening on 5 August.”

“This work shifts away from the palate of the last few exhibitions and, somewhat like Dale Frank’s painting, refers or reflects back to earlier works. Judy has used pink in her paintings over several decades and it is exciting to see that colour transformed by its use in her current practice.”


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