What’s in the Stockroom?

To celebrate 10 years since we started our ‘What’s in the Stockroom?’ newsletter, each week we wander through one of the region’s premiere stockrooms to find out what treasures lay inside.

Hugo Michell Gallery

This week we visit Beulah Park’s Hugo Michell Gallery with gallerist and art dealer, Hugo Michell.

Fiona McMonagle, Wannabes, 2019. Watercolour, gouache and ink on paper, 130 x 115cm.

“Fiona’s ability to work in watercolours at such a large scale is astonishing, it’s such an unforgiving medium and she just gets it right. Coming off the back of her solo exhibition at Bayside Gallery, she has been generating lots of interest amongst collectors and institutions. She’ll be exhibiting with us later this month and is certainly an artist to keep your eye on.”

Justine Varga, Masseuse, 2017, from Photogenic Drawing. C type photograph, 175 x 121.8cm. Edition of 5.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Justine Varga since we hosted her very first commercial exhibition in 2010. Mastering camerless photography techniques, Justine’s process is deeply rooted in analogue process. People often confuse her photographic works for abstract paintings which is wonderful, as her aunt is Ildiko Kovacs.”

Julia Robinson, The Golden Spine, 2016. Gourd, silk, thread, tassels, fixings, 145 x 45 x 25cm.

“This work is playful yet sinister and meticulously crafted, Julia’s hand stitched detail and use of natural materials make reference to her inspiration spanning rituals, fairy tales and folklore. If you haven’t seen Julia’s work in the Adelaide Biennial, it’s worth the two weeks quarantine if you’re coming from interstate!”

William Mackinnon, Together now, 2016. Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 120 x 150cm.

“It’s rare that we ever have anything available by William Mackinnon. This has always been one of my favourite works, but it’s incredibly polarising. Will often depicts things that we conceal, like bins on a street, road signs, potholes – and then there’s this work, which is a love story.”


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