At Home With Your Collection

Welcome to our new series – At Home With Your Collection – where collectors currently in isolation present the artists in their collections, and we let you know how you can support them.


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Ben Aitken

Today on At Home With Your Collection, we’re in Melbourne with multidisciplinary artist Ben Aitken, who shares his collection with partner Zoe Pretsios.

“All the works have been gifts, swaps and a handful purchased. My collection is special because three quarters of it contains work by friends and people I’m close to. If I don’t know the artist, they have influenced me in some way.”

Ben is pictured with a work by Michael Staniak, represented by STATION, and another by Leslie Rice (represented by Jan Murphy Gallery and Sophie Gannon Gallery. On the right is a work by Daniel Boyd (represented by Roslyn Oxley9 and STATION, Abdul Abdullah (represented by YAVUZ Gallery), and Ramesh Nithiyendran @rams_deep69 (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf)

Foreground is a sculpture by Nadine Christensen (represented by Hugo Michell and Sarah Scout) with a work by Phuong Ngo @pthngo on top.

To the right on book shelf is Adam Stone, founder of LON Gallery.

On the left is a work by Guo Jian, represented by Arc One. To the right, a work by Jonny Niesche, represented by Sarah Cottier, STATION and Starkwhite.

From left to right: Work by Helen Johnson represented by Sutton (on floor), above are three little Dan Moynihans, represented by Tolarno. The sculpture is by Jelena Telecki , above her is a small Peter Atkins, with GAGPROJECTS and Tolarno. The big black artwork is by Leslie Rice. The one peeking out is a Gareth Sansom, represented by Roslyn Oxley9, Milani and STATION.

From left to right: work by Abdul Rahman Abdullah; Ian Burns (the main clock piece, represented by Anna Schwartz), and a painting by Hayley Arjona.