Tracey Clement

Based in: Sydney, Australia

Tracey Clement is an artist and writer. She has a diploma in jewellery design, an undergraduate degree in art history-theory, a MFA in sculpture and a PhD in contemporary art. She is the current artist in residence at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery where she will have a solo show in late 2019. In 2020 she is having a solo exhibition at the Casula Powerhouse as part of winning the 2018 Blake Prize Established Artist Residency. Her long-form essays have been published in Garland, and internationally in various peer-reviewed academic journals. She also writes regularly for Art Guide Australia and Foreground.


John Walsh: Traversing Worlds

Tracey Clement explores how John Walsh bridges the divide between the realms of fantasy and reality and of past and present with compelling verisimilitude.

Geoff Kleem: Getting Lost and Found in the Forest

Australian artist Geoff Kleem has had an on-going interest in labour, landscape and the dynamic relationship between audience and artwork.
Lucas Grogan

Lucas Grogan: True Blue

Lucas Grogan has enjoyed a prolific few years, further developing his strong visual language.
Clemens Krauss portrait

Clemens Kraus: The doctor is in

A fully qualified medical doctor and psychoanalyst, Clemens Krauss’ practice is informed by his ability to intersect art and science.