Based in: Eora/Sydney, Australia

Tai Mitsuji is a writer and art historian, who holds a Masters (with Distinction) in Art History from the University of Oxford. He has taught art history at the University of Sydney and was recently awarded the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship for his PhD at Harvard University. He currently sits on the editorial board of Runway Journal, and has previously written for a variety of domestic and international publications.


Cultural Capital: You Know Who You Are

The art world snobs we know and love(?)...

Cultural Capital: The Reasons You Buy Art

The arguments to whip out at your next dinner party as to why you dropped 20k on that new piece in the sunroom.

Cultural Capital: Rules of Engagement

How (not) to talk to an artist about their work.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Alex Seton

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with Alex Seton about 'The Ghost of Wombeyan (a History of Forgetting)'.

Money Sullies Art: Starving artists

In this expanded Money Sullies Art, we address the cultural expectations that frame the economic plight of artists today.

Behind the Scenes: The White Idea

Might we be seeing the beginning of the end of the white cube?

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Bill Henson

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with artist Bill Henson about 'Untitled'.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Gideon Rubin

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with artist Gideon Rubin about 'Red Ribbon'.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Braddon Snape

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with artist Braddon Snape about 'Allusive Object (in Red)'.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Tom Polo

What makes this artwork WORK as a work of art?

Helen Eager: Keeping Composure

Over the past four decades, Australian artist Helen Eager has remained devoted to the pleasure principles of abstraction.

Noel McKenna: The quiet maverick

Rejected from architecture school and slipping into fine arts training by the skin of his teeth, Noel McKenna has gone on to become one of Australia’s most important contemporary practitioners.

Cultural Capital: The art world smoke and mirrors revealed

Our writers reveal the smoke and mirrors of the art world.

Cultural Capital: Talking about your collection

How to not sound like a pompous p**** when talking about the artists in your collection.

Agenda: The Real Thing

With new technology opening up innovative ways of viewing and collecting art, what does it mean to attend a commercial show in the 21st century?

Eric Bridgeman: Sides of the Shield

Eric Bridgeman’s latest works traverse the boundaries of conventional canvas painting, rendered on both sides of Wahgi shields.

The Commercial: Talent and Nous

Far from its humble beginnings in a small shopfront in inner-city Sydney, The Commercial – now occupying a nine-metre-high concrete warehouse – is all grown up.

Chalk Horse: Chalking it up

With a new space and a new mission, Sydney ARI turned commercial gallery Chalk Horse is no one-trick pony.

CIAF 2019: A Decade On

In 10 years of growth and development, the ethos of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair remains resolutely unchanged.

Measuring Up

With seemingly endless costs and nightmare-inducing logistics, we ask: why do Australian and New Zealand galleries even bother to attend international art fairs?

Lifecycle Of A Collector: Expanded Collecting

Ready to take your collector journey to the next level? Introducing expanded collecting.

MAF 2018: Going Solo

The new Melbourne Art Fair places its focus on tightly curated solo presentations.
Brook Andrew

Brook Andrew appointed 22nd Biennale of Sydney artistic director

The forthcoming Biennale of Sydney artistic director is travelling far and wide in his search for art.

Auckland Art Fair 2018: Undiscovered talent

A new sector at AAF 2018 gives collectors access to up-and-coming artists.