Ikuntji Artists

A: 8 Marks St, Haasts Bluff, NT

P: +61 8 8956 8783

E: fineart@ikuntji.com.au

W: ikuntji.com.au

Facebook: IkuntjiArtists

Instagram: @ikuntjiartists

FOLLOWING A series of successful workshops and under the influence of the then community president, the late Esther Jugadai, Ikuntji Artists was established in 1992. In 2005 Ikuntji Artists expanded to a fully established Art Centre. After starting out printing t-shirts, the Centre’s artists began producing acrylic paintings on linen and paper. These quickly gained the attention of the national and international art world as well as earning the Art Centre an impressive reputation for fine art. Today, Ikuntji Artists is known for bold colour choices, decisive brush strokes and a long legacy of internationally renowned artists. The most direct route to the Art Centre is from Alice Springs via Larapinta Drive and Glen Helen Resort. The road is 4WD recommended. Day visitors are welcome by appointment. Public spaces in communities do not require a permit, however, travelling on Aboriginal Land may.

Commercial partners:

NSW: Yaama Ganu, Moree
QLD: Suzanne O’Connell Gallery, Brisbane; Open House, Brisbane
NT: Outstation Gallery,
Darwin: Songlines, Darwin

Image: Eunice Napanangka, Jack, Kuruyultu, 2019. Acrylic on Belgian linen, 100 x 180cm. Courtesy: Ikuntji Artists.


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