Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corperation

A: Lot 16, Main Street, Peppimenarti Community, NT

P: +61 8 8978 1322

E: info@durrmuarts.com.au

W: durrmuarts.com.au

Instagram: @durrmuarts

Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation is renowned for its contemporary art production including acrylic painting and fibre work. Senior artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson, who won the General Painting award at the 2003 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, leads a team of talented emerging and established artists.

The paintings of Peppimenarti are based upon traditional weaving and durrmu (dot body painting) designs. These are complemented by the women artists’ pandanus and sand-palm fibre weaving work. The women of Peppimenarti are traditionally weavers and have transposed their knowledge of fibre and textiles onto the canvas. The results are paintings of intricate, abstract mark-making; some clearly representing syaw (fishnet) and wupun (basket weaving) through layered texture, others resembling fine tapestries. The mens’ art lies in the production of body paint designs and cultural articles. Many of the male artists paint their inherited didgeridu designs.

The Art Centre is located 320km south-west of Darwin. There is road access to Peppimenarti seven months of the year, with the remainder affected by wet season flooding (November to April). During the wet season, access is limited to aeroplane.

Current artists:

Anastasia Naiya Wilson

Anne-Carmel Nimbali Wilson

Annunciata Dartinga

Annunciata Nunuk Wilson

Dakota Wilson

Grace Dodson

Kathleen Korda

Lorna Thomas

Margaret Kundu

Miriam Byrnes

Regina Pilawuk Wilson

Rosina Tirak

Image: Kathleen Korda, Durrmu (Body painting design), 2019. Acrylic paint on Arches paper, 75 x 60cm.