Iltja Ntjarra/Many Hands Art Centre

A: 29 Wilkinson Street, Alice Springs, NT

P: + 61 8 7979 3452



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Instagram: @manyhandsart

Iltja Ntjarra/Many Hands Art Centre is the proudly Aboriginal-owned and directed home of the Namatjira watercolour artists. It was established by Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation, located in Alice Springs.

In 2016, Itja Ntjaara officially incorporated as a not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation. It provided a place for Aranda Artists to come together to paint, share and learn new techniques and ideas. The Art Centre is strongly committed to improving economic participation of Aboriginal people and maintaining cultural heritage.

Iltja Ntjarra has a special focus on supporting the Hermannsburg School style watercolour artists, who continue to paint in the tradition of their grandfather and relative, Albert Namatjira, arguably one of Australia’s most famous artists of the 20th century. Namatjira taught his children to follow in his unique style. They have since passed this knowledge on to their children, which has resonated in a legacy of watercolour artists in the Central Desert region. By continuing his legacy, these artists sustain an important piece of living history.

Image: Mervyn Rubuntja, Gosse Bluff – Tnorala, 2019. Watercolour on paper, 36 x 54cm.


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