MIArt – Mirndiyan Gununa

A: Mirndiyan Gununa, Mornington Island, QLD

P: +61 418 224 953

Email: miart@morningtonisland.com.au

W: morningtonisland.com.au

Facebook: morningtonisland

MIArt – Mirndiyan Gununa is one of the longest established art and cultural organisations in Aboriginal Australia.  Situated in the remote Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia and fully owned and controlled by an Indigenous Board, Mirndiyan Gununa has an Indigenous majority staff all focussed on delivering locally relevant programs that produce internationally significant artwork.

Mornington Island artists are heavily influenced and connected to their land and culture in their artistic interpretations. Their remoteness means the artists concentrate heavily on cultural and spiritual subject matter – all centred on connection to Country.

The artists work in many different mediums, from painting to music and dance to storytelling. Language is integral to all creative activities at the Art Centre and the primary purpose of the Mirndiyan Gununa is to maintain and develop the cultures of the Lardil and Kaiadilt people by strengthening the community and promoting the unique cultures to the rest of the world.

Image: Amanda Gabori, My Country, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 197 x 196cm.