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ESTABLISHED IN 1999, Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre represents more than 80 artists from the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunambal language groups of the north west Kimberley.

The word Mowanjum means settled at last, a reference to the enforced displacement policies of past governments. The artists depict the sacred Wandjina spirits, Unguds totem animals and Gyorn Gyorn expressed in traditional and contemporary practices of painting, printmaking, carving and photography. The Art Centre is an indigenous owned and governed not-for-profit organisation. The Centre aims to sustain cultural traditions as well as support a range of professional development opportunities for its artists and workers.

The Art Centre houses a large gallery and the newly opened Mowanjum Museum, the first indigenous museum in the Kimberley. In July of every year, the Art Centre hosts the Mowanjum Festival, one of the largest traditional festivals in Western Australia.

Artists include: Alison Burgu, Amelia Hurrell, Barbara Bear, Cecilia Umbagai, Chloe Nulgit, Clintisha Bangmorra, Curtis Barunga, Donny Wollagoodja, Edna Dale, Francis Dolby, Gabriella Barunga, Gordon Barunga, Gudu Mungulu, Sandra Mungulu, Mildred Mungulu, Jack Dale, James Charles, Janet Oobagooma, Kacey Umbagai, Kallum Mungulu, Kastina Charles, Kirsty Burgu, Laurel Burgu, Leah Umbagai, Leon Jorda, Mabel King, Maitland Ngerdu, Malcolm Jungine, Margaret Mungulu, Matthew Martin, Marjorie Mungulu, Nancy Wungundin, Pansy Nulgit, Pete O’Connor, Petrina Bedford, Phillip Duckhole, Renita Bidd, Robyn Mungulu, Roger Burgu, Rona Charles, Serena Oobagooma, Sherika Duckhole, Shontae Charles, Stanley Taylor, Steven Peumorra, Yondi Nulgit

Image: Mowanjum Arts Festival, 2018. Photo: Rebecca Mansell. Courtesy: Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre


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