Nagula Jarndu Designs

A: 3/12 Gregory St, Broome, QLD

P: +61 4 9933 0708



Facebook: Nagula Jarndu – Saltwater Woman

The Yawuru Jarndu Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit community organisation. It was established in 1987 as a resource centre by the Yawuru women, traditional owners of Yawuru (Broome) Country, with the aim of recording oral history and preserving Yawuru language and culture. The corporation has since evolved to operating a social enterprise arts and textiles centre for Indigenous women, trading as Nagula Jarndu Designs and specialising in block and screen-printed textiles and small home products and wares.

The Nagula Jarndu artists find inspiration from the colours and motifs in the natural beauty of the Yawuru landscape, from the desert to the sea. The distinguishing colours of the blue ocean to the red pindan or the yellow and brown desert dunes provides a broad range of hues that artists incorporate in their designs.

Nagula Jarndu facilitates skill building and developmental workshops for local women and sources opportunities for the artists to exhibit their works and explore alternative sales opportunities for them to derive independent revenue.

 Artists include

Gabriella Baxter

Maxine Charlie

Coral Chi

Cecilia (Cissy) Djiagween

Lorraine Hunter

Amanda Rose Lee

Martha Lee

Rowena Morgan

Leweenah Smith

Image: Cecilia (Cissy) Djiagween, Jigal Leaf & Helicopter Pod, 2017. Screen print on silk, dimensions variable.