Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing

Medium / category: Drawing

Eligibility: Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia

Associated institution: PLC Sydney

The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing is a $25,000 acquisitive art award. Inaugurated in 2006, the Prize is supported by the Parents and Friends’ Association of PLC Sydney. The award is named after Adelaide Elizabeth Perry (1891- 1973), who was a Visual Arts teacher at PLC Sydney between 1931-1962. The Adelaide Perry Gallery was opened in her honour in June 2001, as a part of PLC Sydney’s, Centre for Art, Design & Technology. In 2023 the artist, curator and writer Imants Tillers selected the Perry Prize shortlist, made up of 40 finalists.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Joshua Charadia

Winner: Adelaide Perry Prize.

  • Roman Longginou

Winner: People’s choice award

The Different Categories

The Awards include the acquisitive Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, valued at $25,000. Finalists in the competition are also eligible to be considered for the non-acquisitive People’s Choice Award, valued at $2,000.

Information up to date from June 14 2023