National New Media Art Award

Medium / category: All new media

Eligibility: Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia

Associated institution: Queensland Art Gallery

The Premier of Queensland’s National New Media Art Award is a biennial, Australian art award for works of new media art, instituted in 2008 under the auspices of the Queensland Government and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art at the Queensland Art Gallery. The award is worth A$75,000 and is acquisitive. The National New Media Art Award also includes a tandem scholarship valued at A$25,000 for an emerging Queensland artist. The Award showcases new works expressing challenging and innovative approaches to the use of media including video, digital animation and gaming, computer-based art, artificial intelligence, and other sound and communication new media technologies. The award seeks to reflect the cutting edge, innovative mores espoused by Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Peter Alwast, Everything, 2008

Winner: National New Media Art Award

  • Leah Barclaywith

Winner: New Media Art Scholarship

The Different Award Categories

The award categories include the National New Media Art Award and the New Media Art Scholarship.

Information up to date from June 14 2023