The Collector’s Space

What do some of Australia's most noteworthy artist's hang on their walls? Max Germanos of 3:33 Art Projects curated this year’s iteration of The Collectors' Space to answer the question.

Curators’ Radar: Taloi Havini

Artist Taloi Havini is currently on curators' radars with her multi-video and sound installations.

On the World Stage: Richard Maloy

With modest wit, Richard Maloy's work subtly engages the parameters of art making today

Collectors Love: Virginia Leonard

Collectors are overwhelmingly attracted to Virginia Leonard’s very visceral, oozing glazes and voluptuous sculptural forms.

Debutantes: Anna McMahon

Anna McMahon’s work is a pursuit of purposeful nothingness, an aesthetic of failure.

Cool Hunter Predictions: Salote Tawale

Salote Tawale explores perceptions of identity, race, ethnicity and gender as constructed within the framework of Western cultural values through her multidisciplinary practice.