GAGPROJECTS | Greenaway Art Gallery

A:  39 Rundle St, Kent Town SA Australia

P: +61 8 8362 6354




Deborah Paauwe: The Other Twin

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Deborah Paauwe.

Louise Haselton: Can we still be friends?

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Louise Haselton.

The Test of Time: Gallerist Paul Greenaway and Artist Deborah Paauwe

Gallerist Paul Greenaway and artist Deborah Paauwe tell us the single most important thing about their relationship that has given it longevity.

Dani Marti: Wall Hangings

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Dani Marti.

Get Ready for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Check out the fair’s full lineup, special events, and much more…

Gareth Sansom: An Old Man’s Mixtape

GAGPROJECTS presents works by Gareth Sansom.

Christian Lock: New work

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Christian Lock.

Mark Kimber: Saudade

GAGPROJECTS presents works by Mark Kimber.

Sundari Carmody: Turns, Protracted, and Slow

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Sundari Carmody.

What’s on for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Find out what we know so far about the gallery list, program highlights, and a new commission…

David Griggs: Baseline

GAGPROJECTS presents work by David Griggs.

Angela Valamanesh: New Work

GAGPROJECTS presents works by artist Angela Valamanesh.

Christine Healy: Painterland

GAGPROJECTS presents works by new represented artist Christine Healy.

Joseph Häxan: Mesmeric Pool

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Joseph Häxan.

7th Edition of Sydney Contemporary: What You Need to Know

Carriageworks will welcome back the blockbuster art fair.

Guan Wei: Assumed Reality

GAGPROJECTS presents work by Guan Wei.

Group Exhibition: Soft Landing

GAGPROJECTS presents a group exhibition.

Art Collector x MAF 2022: GAGPROJECTS

GAGPROJECTS presents work by James Tylor and Rebecca Selleck at the Melbourne Art Fair 2022.

Survey: We Asked Leading Gallerists…

What's the one thing you look for when taking on a new artist?

GAGPROJECTS to represent Joseph Häxan

Boundary-pushing photographer and filmmaker joins Adelaide gallery's stable.

David Griggs and Jenny Watson join The Tusk LionTrail

Australian artists join global public art trail to raise awareness and funds for the African lion.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Hoda Afshar

What makes this particular artwork WORK as a work of art?

Noel McKenna: The quiet maverick

Rejected from architecture school and slipping into fine arts training by the skin of his teeth, Noel McKenna has gone on to become one of Australia’s most important contemporary practitioners.

GAGPROJECTS moves to Berlin

GAGPROJECTS, a project-based effort out of Greenaway Gallery in Adelaide, is beginning development of a new space in Berlin, Germany.

MAF participating galleries

Melbourne Art Fair returns to Melbourne in June.

Sydney Contemporary brings fresh works in 2019

Your first look at the galleries and artists showing at Australia’s largest annual art fair.
Spring 1883 Tolarno square

Spring 1883 gallery lineup 2018

SPRING1883 is not your regular art fair.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.

Deborah Paauwe: Secret World

Andrew Purvis explores Deborah Paauwe’s photographic studies of girlhood and womanhood and the blurred lines between the two.

Artist Profile: Imants Tillers

Imants Tillers’ themes of displacement, exile and the legacy of European conquest strike a particular note for Latvians, whose own history is marked by invasion, occupation, and diasporic dispersion.

2017 Spring 1883 Gallery Line-up Announced

This September, the annual Spring 1883 art fair will return to Sydney’s Establishment Hotel once more with an impressive line-up of gallerists.

David Griggs: Apocalypse New

On a three-month residency in the Philippines, David Griggs was blown away by Manila’s radical art scene. These days, he calls the city home.


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