A: 12-14 Meagher St, Chippendale NSW Australia

P: +61 2 8599 8000




Jason Cordero: The View From Here

NandaHobbs presents work by Jason Cordero.

Paul Ryan: South by Southwest

NandaHobbs presents work by Paul Ryan.

Leslie Rice: Disco/iNFERNO

NandaHobbs presents work by Leslie Rice.

Jody Graham: Somewhere to Land

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Jody Graham.

Hubert Pareroultja: Tnagkara Nuka—Cultural Dreamings

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Hubert Pareroultja.

Rhys Lee: Recent Paintings

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Rhys Lee.

Kathrin Longhurst: Indoctrinated

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Kathrin Longhurst.

James Rogers: Hard One Ground

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by James Rogers.

Loribelle Spirovski: Works from the studio

NandaHobbs presents work by Loribelle Spirovski.

Kim Leutwyler: Queer Portraits

NandaHobbs presents Kim Leutwyler

James Drinkwater: THE BOXER – When I was young I said my prayers

NandaHobbs presents work by James Drinkwater.

Blak Douglas: Corroboration Nation

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Blak Douglas.

Dianne Gall: Lost Dreamers

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Dianne Gall.

Antonia Mrljak: GROUND

Nanda\Hobbs presents exhibition by Antonia Mrljak.

Jun Chen: BLOOM

Nanda\Hobbs Gallery presents work by Jun Chen.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Braddon Snape

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with artist Braddon Snape about 'Allusive Object (in Red)'.

Mitchell Ferrie: Do You See What I See?

Nanda\Hobbs Gallery presents an exhibition of work by Mitchell Ferrie.

What’s in the Stockroom: Nanda\Hobbs

What's in the Stockroom at Nanda\Hobbs, Sydney.

Chippendale Contemporary launching September

Two galleries in Sydney’s inner-city announce art collaboration.

Group Exhibition: MYTH

Nanda\Hobbs presents a group exhibition 'MYTH'.

Kim Leutwyler: WOMXN – Queer Portraits

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Kim Leutwyler.

Brett Whiteley: Graphics and Drawings

Nanda/ Hobbs Gallery presents work by Brett Whiteley.

James Powditch: James Powditch

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by James Powditch.

Caroline Zilinsky: Titanic

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Caroline Zilinsky.

In Bed With… Ralph and Sophie Hobbs

We curl up with Chippendale dealer darlings Ralph and Sophie Hobbs of Nanda\Hobbs.

Tom Adair: Chromatones

Nanda/ Hobbs Gallery presents work by artist Tom Adair.

Melbourne Art Fair Goes Virtual

Melbourne Art Fair to host virtual fair in June.

Jason Benjamin: Comes The Pale Horse

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Jason Benjamin.

MAF participating galleries

Melbourne Art Fair returns to Melbourne in June.

Paul Ryan: South Pacific

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Paul Ryan.

Jonathan Dalton: The Immortal Symmetry

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Jonathan Dalton.

Dee Smart: A Synopsis of Love

Nanda\Hobbs Gallery presents work by Dee Smart.

Matthew Quick: This Used To Be The Future

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Matthew Quick.

Stuart McLachlan: In Hope We Trust

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Stuart McLachlan.

Adam Nudelman: Away From The Light Of The World

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Adam Nudelman.

Braddon Snape: An Act of Restraint

Nanda/Hobbs presents work by Braddon Snape.

Kathrin Longhurst: Flights of Fancy

Nanda/Hobbs presents work by Kathrin Longhurst.
Nicholas Blowers: Pond Requiem – Unstable Landscapes from Savage River

Nicholas Blowers: Pond Requiem – Unstable Landscapes from Savage River

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Nicholas Blowers.

Group Exhibition: Major Works From Hermannsburg

Nanda\Hobbs presents the group exhibition 'Major Works From Hermannsburg'.

Group Exhibition: Postcards from Twin Peaks

Nanda\Hobbs Gallery presents the group exhibition 'Postcards from Twin Peaks'.
Kathryn Ryan: The Way Home

Kathryn Ryan: The Way Home

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Kathryn Ryan.

Mark Schaller: Ghosts of Sydney

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Mark Schaller.

Martine Emdur: Undercurrent

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Martine Emdur.

BAMBI: Solo Exhibition

Nanda/Hobbs Gallery presents work by BAMBI.

Tom Adair: Palm Mirage

Nanda/Hobbs presents work by Tom Adair.

Group exhibition: Landscape Obscura

Nanda\Hobbs presents the group exhibition Landscape Obscura.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.


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