Nanda Hobbs

A: 12-14 Meagher St, Chippendale NSW Australia

P: +61 2 8599 8000




Renata Pari-Lewis: What I Have Held

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Renata Pari-Lewis.

Matt Coyle: Paintings

Nanda\Hobbs presents works by Matt Coyle.

Jason Cordero: Desiderium

Nanda\Hobbs presents works by Jason Cordero.

Peter Gardiner: The Indulgences

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Peter Gardiner.

Dee Smart: SIREN

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Dee Smart.

Jody Graham: WILD THING

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Jody Graham.

Aotearoa Art Fair 2024 reveals gallery line-up

34 outstanding galleries will be heading to Auckland this April.

Hubert Pareroultja: When the Rain Tumbles Down in July

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Hubert Pareroultja.

Artist Profile: James Drinkwater

James Drinkwater’s latest works were conceived during his 2021 stay in artist Julian Schnabel’s Long Island holiday house. But then, he let time do its work on his memories.

Group Exhibition: People,

Nanda\Hobbs presents a group exhibition guest curated by NAS Director, Steven Alderton.

Stephanie Eather: From Vernon Terrace

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Stephanie Eather.

Paul Ryan: Le Capitaine

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Paul Ryan.

Get Ready for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Check out the fair’s full lineup, special events, and much more…

Group Exhibition: Beautiful Things

Nanda/Hobbs presents a group exhibition.

Tony Mighell: WARP AND WEFT

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Tony Mighell.

Morten Lassen: POEMS

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Morten Lassen.

Marie Mansfield: Prelude

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Marie Mansfield.

Caroline Zilinsky: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Caroline Zilinsky.

Antonia Perricone-Mrljak: Fermare Lutto

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Antonia Perricone-Mrljak.

What’s on for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Find out what we know so far about the gallery list, program highlights, and a new commission…

Group Exhibition: Landscape and Memory — Director’s Cut

Nanda\Hobbs presents a group exhibition.

Kathryn Ryan: STILL POINT

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Kathryn Ryan.

Tom Adair: Technium Naturae

Nanda\Hobbs presents an exhibition of works by Tom Adair.

James Drinkwater: American Salt – Montauk to the Bowery

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by James Drinkwater.

Chris Horder: Shadow Lands

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Christopher Horder.

Braddon Snape: Suppression Order

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Braddon Snape.

Luke Storrier: Offerings

Nanda/Hobbs presents an exhibition by Luke Storrier.

James Powditch: Medium Cool, Journalism in Film

Nanda\Hobbs presents a solo exhibition by James Powditch.

Floria Tosca: Future Pagan

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Floria Tosca.

David Fairbairn: A Conversation with Drawing

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by David Fairbairn.

Yoshio Honjo: Goraku no jikan

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Yoshio Honjo.

Jonathan Dalton: The Black Swan and Other Lost Poems

Nanda\Hobbs presents a solo exhibition by Jonathan Dalton.

Hubert Pareroultja and Selma Coulthard: Country

Nanda\Hobbs presents new work by Hubert Pareroultja and Selma Coulthard.

Morten Lassen: New works

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Morten Lassen.

Jody Graham: Voilà

Nanda\Hobbs presents new work by Jody Graham.

Group Exhibition: Summer Collection

Nanda\Hobbs presents its Summer Collection Group Exhibition.

Jason Cordero: Superposition

Nanda/Hobbs presents Superposition by Jason Cordero.

Kim Leutwyler: Queer Corporeality

Nanda/Hobbs presents Queer Corporeality by Kim Leutwyler.

Paul Ryan: The Island

NandaHobbs presents The Island by Paul Ryan.

Aaron Kinnane: Solo Exhibition

NandaHobbs presents new work by Aaron Kinnane

Dee Smart: Suspended Embrace

NandaHobbs presents new work by Dee Smart

Jun Chen: Bush Idyll

NandaHobbs presents Jun Chen

Yoshio Honjo: Nikuhitsu Ukiyo-e

NandaHobbs presents work by Yoshi Honjo

Antonia Perricone-Mrljak: Ferragosto

Nanda/Hobbs presents Antonia Perricone-Mrljak

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Søren Solkær

Watch artist Søren Solkær in conversation with Rosy Leake about his work ‘Black Sun 08’.

Artist Profile: Jonathan Dalton

Challenging us to decipher what is real and what is unreal, Jonathan Dalton asks us to keep our critical thinking at the fore.

Art walk event aims to activate central Sydney arts precinct

Michael Reid Gallery joins Chippendale Contemporary’s art walk this Saturday, aimed at introducing collectors to galleries in the area.

Art Collector x MAF 2022: Nanda\Hobbs

Nanda\Hobbs presents work by Jun Chen and a selection of artists at the Melbourne Art Fair 2022.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Braddon Snape

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with artist Braddon Snape about 'Allusive Object (in Red)'.

What’s in the Stockroom: Nanda\Hobbs

What's in the Stockroom at Nanda\Hobbs, Sydney.

Chippendale Contemporary launching September

Two galleries in Sydney’s inner-city announce art collaboration.

In Bed With… Ralph and Sophie Hobbs

We curl up with Chippendale dealer darlings Ralph and Sophie Hobbs of Nanda\Hobbs.

Melbourne Art Fair Goes Virtual

Melbourne Art Fair to host virtual fair in June.

MAF participating galleries

Melbourne Art Fair returns to Melbourne in June.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.


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