Sarah Cottier Gallery

A: 23 Roylston St, Paddington NSW Australia

P: +61 2 9356 3305




Artist Profile: Gemma Smith

Gemma Smith is a gamer. She courts us into her arena, controls us and outwits us before changing the game we didn’t even know we were playing.

Paddington galleries come together for First Saturday event

Nine leading Sydney galleries simultaneously celebrate season launch on Saturday 5 February 2022.

Jonny Niesche: Fairlight

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Jonny Niesche.

Lucina Lane: Do you want the truth, or something beautiful?

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Lucina Lane.

Collectors Love: Jelena Telecki

Our writers look at the artists who have caught the attention of collectors in the past year and achieved sell-out shows.

Jan Van Der Ploeg: New Works

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents New Works, an exhibition of works by Dutch artist Jan Van Der Ploeg. 

Huseyin Sami: Silvering

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents Silvering, an exhibition of new works by Huseyin Sami.

Brendan Van Hek: An elaborate scheme

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Brendan Van Hek.

Nicola Smith: I waited for something to happen

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Nicola Smith.

Todd McMillan: Après Nous

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Todd McMillan.

John Nixon and Elizabeth Pulie: Dialogue 2: On Hessian

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by John Nixon and Elizabeth Pulie.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Elizabeth Pulie

Watch Daniel Mudie Cunningham in conversation with artist Elizabeth Pulie about '#108 (Curtain for E)'.

Huseyin Sami: I dream in colour

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Huseyin Sami.

Esther Stewart: Autofiction

Sarah Cottier Gallery presents work by Esther Stewart.

Auckland Art Fair postponed

Auckland Art Fair announces postponement amidst coronavirus fears.

And the Auckland Art Fair galleries are…

Auckland Art Fair announces 2020 participating galleries + a special ticket offer.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.
Brendan Van Hek

Brendan Van Hek: Salvaging Light

Brendan Van Hek’s reference to domestic space doesn’t mean he’s abandoned the cityscapes that prompted his earliest work with salvaged neon.
Koji Ryui

Koji Ryui: Alchemist of the everyday

Koji Ryui flouts the rules of sculpture and installation with ethereal results.
Jamie North

Cool Hunter Predictions: Jamie North

Sydney-based Jamie North has had a stellar couple of years, and by all accounts things are only going to get better.
Huseyin Sami-portrait

Huseyin Sami: Smashing Colours

With an appetite for experimentation and a thirst for historical knowledge, Huseyin Sami isn’t your garden-variety painter.

New Directions: Julie Fragar

Julie Fragar’s painting practice – an apt term, because Fragar’s is a discipline repeated with rigour and tenacity – has often been described as autobiographical.

Todd McMillan: The Wanderer

Todd McMillan's endurance works have involved standing on a cliff top for 12 hours and attempting to swim the English Channel. Carrie Miller discovered it’s less about the suffering than it is about futility.


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