Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Inc.

A: 2 Thinarrin St, Pormpuraaw , QLD

P: +61 437 172 758

E: pormpurawart@gmail.com

W: pormpuraawartculture.com

PORMPURAAW ART & Culture Centre artists are masters of sculpting clan totems using ghost net and other recycled materials. Ghost nets are commercial fishing nets illegally abandoned at sea. These nets drift the worlds oceans killing fish and animals.

Pormpuraaw artists collect these nets and transform them into meaningful art. Their art has toured the world and has found its way into many private, corporate and government collections. Pormpuraaw artists are also know as skilled painters and printers working in linocut and etching. Works are available athrough their online store and website.

Pormpuraaw can be reached by small aircraft five days a week leaving from Cairns. Driving there takes a sturdy vehicle and 8 to 10 hours from Cairns about 700km. It is a beautiful drive through Cape York Outback. Road access is usually shut or limited during the fivemonth wet season from January into May.

Artists include:

Syd Bruce Shortjoe, Mylene Holroyd, Christine Holroyd, Michael Norman, Kim Norman, Alma Norman, Mavis Benjamin, Marlene Norman, Elliot Koonutta, Katherine Ngallametta, Jeannie Holroyd.

Image: artist Kim Norman holding his work. Courtesy: Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre.


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