A: 16 Fogarty Street, Ciccone, Alice Springs, NT

P: +61 8 8951 4232

E: yalc.art@tangentyere.org.au

W: yarrenytyarltereartists.com.au

Facebook: YAArtists

Instagram: @yarrenyty_arltere

YARRENYTY ARLTERE ARTISTS (YAA) is the vibrant beating heart of the Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp in Alice Springs. Comprising of Arrernte, Western Arrernte, Luritja, Warlpiri, Anmatyerr, Alyawarr, Gurindgi and English speakers, the Art Centre is a place where people make art, work out problems, look after family and plan for their future.

Established in 2000 as a response to the chronic social issues the community were facing at that time, it has now, after many years of hard work and love, become an internationally recognised Art Centre. The beautiful soft sculptures that the Centre is renowned for, made from recycled bush dyed blankets, stitched and embellished, are held in major public and private collections across Australia and Internationally. Twice YAA artists have won the NATSIAA 3D art award in Darwin and in 2018 YAA artists exhibited their work as part of the 21st Sydney Biennial at the MCA.

Working in soft sculptures, textiles, etchings and film this small but dynamic Art Centre has given opportunity and voice to people that so often have found themselves marginalized. Rich in personality, the artwork is a way for the artists to share with the wider community their story, their hopes and their commitment to improving outcomes. YAA is one of several Town Camp art programs; Tangentyere Artists is the hub for Town Camp Arts. YAA is part of Tangentyere Council.

Artists include: Trudy Inkamala, Marlene Rubuntja, Dulcie Sharpe, Rhonda Sharpe, Louise Robertson, Rosabella Ryder, Sheree Inkamala, Nanette Sharpe, Cornelius Ebatarinja, Roxanne Petrick, Brenda Inkamala

Commercial partners:
NSW: Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Waterloo
NT: RAFT artspace, Ciccone; Outstation Gallery, Darwin
QLD: Edwina Corlette, New Farm
WA: Artitja Fine Art, South Fremantle; Short Street Gallery, Broome SA: Hugo Michell Gallery, Beulah Park

Image: Rhonda Sharpe, Resting on my Grandmothers Knowledge, 2020. Soft sculpture made from bush dyed recycled woolen blankets embellished with cotton and wool, 52 x 65 x 14cm. Photo: Mic Walters Courtesy: Yarrenyty Arltere Artists.


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