Footscray Art Prize

Medium / category: All mediums

Eligibility: Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia

Associated institution: Footscray Arts Centre

The Footscray Art Prize is a biennial visual art prize for contemporary artworks across multiple platforms and disciplines. Established in 2016, the prize is a part of the Victoria University centenary celebration, with the partners: Maribyrnong City Council, Footscray Community Arts, Rotary Club of Footscray and Victoria University. The award contributes to Footscray’s reputation as a cultural hub that supports and fosters the arts, and provides an opportunity to celebrate this artistic vibrancy and creativity. It is open for entries nationally and does not have a theme. The artwork must be an original artistic work, which includes but is not limited to paintings, drawings, photographs, engravings, sculptures and installations, digital and video work.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Lee Harrop, And This, Too, Shall Pass

Winner: Footscray Art Prize

  • Simon Clark, Gaskin Gardens

Winner: Local Artist Acquisition Prize

  • Emma Coulter, Spatial deconstruction #25

Winner: Street Art Prize

  • Ahmad Sabra, Anthem

Winner: Emerging Artist Prize

  • Scotty S, As She…

Winner: Emerging Artist Prize

  • Miwa Wilson, To Grow Up

Winner: Young Artist (Secondary)

  • Jayden Ly, Growling Grass frogs and their habitat

Winner: Young Artist (Primary)

The Different Award Categories

The Award Categories include the $20,000 Footscray Art Prize, the $10,000 Local Acquisition Prize, the $2,000 Residency Artist Prize, the $500 Young Artist Prize for primary students and the $500 prize for secondary student.

Information up to date from June 14 2023