Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA)

Medium / category: All mediums

Eligibility: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists

Associated institution: MAGNT 

The Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA) is Australia’s longest running and most prestigious Indigenous art awards that captures the attention of the nation. Each year sees an increasing variety of art forms and media, collectively demonstrating the richness and diversity of current contemporary Indigenous artistic practice, and the pre-eminence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, nationwide, within the visual arts. Awarding $190,000 across 7 categories, the awards may facilitate emerging or established artists.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Djambawa Marawili Am, Journey to America, 2018

Winner: Telstra Art Award

  • M Gumana, Rainbows in the lilies, 2018

Winner: Wandjuk Marika Memorial 3D Award (Sponsored by Telstra)

  • Kaylene Whiskey, Seven Sistas, 2018

Winner: Telstra General Painting Award

  • Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu, Gurrutu’mi Mala – My connections, 2019

Winner: Telstra Multimedia Award

  • Nyaparu (William) Gardiner, Our Old People, 2018

Winner: Telstra Works on Paper Award

  • Nongirrna Marawili, Lightning strikes, 2018

Winner: Telstra Bark Painting Award

  • Titus Nganjmirra, Queen Elizabeth, 2019

Winner: 2019 Telstra Emerging Artist Award

The Different Award Categories

The award categories include the Telstra General Painting Award, the Telstra Work on Paper Award, the Telstra Bark Painting Award, the Wandjuk Marika Memorial 3D Award, the Telstra Emerging Artist Award and the Telstra Multimedia Award.

Information up to date from June 14 2023