Paddington Art Prize

Medium / category: Painting

Eligibility: Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia 18 years or older

Associated institution: Cooee Gallery

The $30,000 Annual National Acquisitive Paddington Art Prize now in its 21st year, for a painting inspired by the Australian Landscape.

The prize was established in 2004 by Arts Patron, Marlene Antico OAM. The prize encourages the interpretation of the landscape as a significant contemporary genre, its long tradition in Australian painting as a key contributor to our national ethos, and is an initiative in private patronage of the arts in Australia.

Founder Marlene Antico OAM created the Paddington Art Prize in order to assist with the monetary difficulties that often impede artists from showcasing their works. As an art student, gallery owner and volunteer guide at the AGNSW for over 10 years, she has underscored her commitment to supporting contemporary Australian artists, aware, of the financial concerns that prevent many artists from devoting themselves entirely to their art practice.

The prize is principally sponsored by Chris Antico, and is co-sponsored by Marlene Antico OAM.

Notable Previous Winners


Emily Imeson, When the Mud Dries Lismore, 2022
Winner: Paddington Art Prize

Wendy Mcdonald
Winner: Defiance Gallery Award

Rosie Tarkuking, My Country, 2022
Winner: Honourable Mentions

Ash Leslie, To Manyana, 2022
Winner: Defiance Gallery Award

Sophie Perez, Ruby Gap, 2022
Winner: People’s Choice

Suzy King, The Web, 2022
Winner: Highly Commended

The Different Award Categories

The award categories include the $30,000 annual national acquisitive prize, the $3,000 Honorable Mention award sponsored by Marlene Antico OAM Founder/Co-Sponsor, the $1,000 Highly Commended sponsored by Julia Martin Artist/Curator. In addition, the prize also includes the Eramboo Two week Artist Residency & 10 Day artist managed exhibition sponsored by Chris Antico Paddington Art Prize Principal Sponsor , the Cooee Art Leven Gallery Award, the Anthea Polson Gallery Award, the James Makin Gallery Award, the Becker Minty Gallery Award, the $2,000 Al Stretchers Award sponsored by Alessandro Ljubicic, and the $1,000 People’s Choice Award sponsored by Theresa Sarjeant of Fine Art Imaging.

Information up to date from February 12 2024