Queensland Regional Art Awards

Medium / category: All mediums

Eligibility: Queensland based artists 15 years or older

Associated institution: Flying Arts’ Alliance

The Queensland Regional Art Awards (QRAA) is Flying Arts’ signature annual art awards for established and emerging artists living in regional and remote Queensland. Flying Arts is a not-for-profit organisation inspiring the appreciation, practice and professional development of visual arts as a lifetime interest or career. The organisation’s awards aims to showcase artwork whilst providing a platform for artists to further professional development and opportunities.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Kellie O’Dempsey, Wish You Were Here 1

Winner: Art For Life’ Award

  • Jan Strudwick, Sunday Morning – Ukraine

Winner: The Mervyn Moriarty Landscape Award

  • Jule Polkinghorne, The Swimming Lesson

Winner: The Annie Tan Memorial Watercolour Award

  • Rose Rigley, Cataloguing Absence

Winner: Art Educator Award

  • Julie Field, Signed Planet Earth

Winner: Environmental Art Award

  • Rosella Namok, My Place (Sea Green)

Winner: First Nations Artist Award

  • Alexandra Baxter, I Know How You Must Feel, Brad

Winner: Take Flight Art Award

  • Karike Ashworth, Who Gives a Crap

Winner: Textile Art Award

  • Helen Dennis, Resilience

Winner: Remote Art Award

  • Christina Lowry, New Normal

Winner: People’s Choice Award

  • Mikayla Parrotta, Moments Before Disaster

Winner: People’s Choice Award

The Different Award Categories

The award categories include the Art For Life’ Award, The Mervyn Moriarty Landscape Award, The Annie Tan Memorial Watercolour Award, the Art Educator Award, the Environmental Art Award, the First Nations Artist Award, the Take Flight Art Award, the Textile Art Award, the Remote Art Award and the People’s Choice Award.

Information up to date from June 14 2023