Medium / category: Any Medium

Eligibility: Entrants can submit a work of any medium, with size restrictions

Associated institution:  The Junction Co. and Courthouse Gallery+ Studio

The Jury Art Prize is a western Australian reginal art prize. Providing a platform for artists to tell austenitic stories of reginal WA communities to Australia and across the globe, the prize offers a diversity of opportunity and career acknowledgment. Utilising unique ways to connect audiences with the finalist artworks, geography knows no bounds in providing accessible ways audiences can connect and engage with artworks from reginal WA. Finalists are selected from across all regions, and include painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media from both indigenous and non-indigenous artists.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Melissa Sandy, My Design

Winner: Judge’s prize

The Different Award Categories

The four prize categories include the $10,000 Judge’s prize, the $10,000 Jury Prize (People’s Choice), the $3,000 Kathy Donnelly Encouragement Award and the $3,000 Patron Award, supported by the Town of Port Headland.

Information up to date from June 14 2023