Michael Zavros: Real Human

A Michael Zavros doppelgänger in the form of a custom mannequin is the subject of the painter’s latest foray into photography.

Survey: Have you ever refused to sell an artwork?

We asked the directors of commercial art galleries.

Artist Profile: Marie Le Lievre

A defining feature of Marie Le Lievre’s work is her ability to masterfully blend colour across multiple layers, creating a hypnotic visual depth in every painting.

Artist Profile: Jumaadi

Based on a life lived between two worlds, Jumaadi’s works speak a language we all understand, drawing deeply from the well of common humanity.

Artist Profile: Jonny Niesche

Jonny Niesche’s eternal search for ways to heighten the materiality and dynamism of his practice led him away from oil on linen, via glitter, towards something entirely experimental.

Collector Profile: Irene Sutton

Stalwart gallerist and collector Irene Sutton lives by the conviction that contemporary art matters.

Cultural Capital: And Then I Realised…

Getting to the place where you’re on good terms with contemporary art involved a journey sometimes you forget you took. The stopovers along the way were a series of realisations. Let’s revisit them.

Jacqueline Fahey joins Gow Langsford Gallery

Auckland-based gallery acquires esteemed feminist artist.