Bayside Painting Prize

Medium / category: Painting

Eligibility: Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia

Associated institution: Bayside Gallery

The Bayside Painting Prize, originally established in 2015 as the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize, is a celebration of contemporary Australian painting. The finalist exhibition brings together a broad range of artists, both established and lesser known, whose varied approach to the painted medium conveys the breadth and diversity of painting in Australia today. Alongside a Major Prize, the prize offers The Beckett Local Prize, an acquisitive prize named after local modernist artist Clarice Beckett. It aids in adding exceptional works with a local connection to the collection, and aims to promote art and artists within the community.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Louise Tate, Self-portrait with Strawflowers, 2023

Winner: Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize

  • Lorna Quinn, Like an Oyster, 2022

Winner: Local Prize

The Different Award Categories

The awards include the $25,000 Major Prize prize, the $10,000 acquisitive Beckett Local Prize, and the $1,000 People’s Choice Prize.

Information up to date from November 22 2023