Kennedy Prize

Medium / category: All mediums

Eligibility: Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia

Associated institution: Kennedy Arts Foundation

The Kennedy Prize is an annual Australian art award for ‘beauty’. The prize, offered by the Kennedy Arts Foundation, is based and exhibited in Adelaide but open to Australian artists nationwide, and is awarded to works that embody, comment on or celebrate beauty. The Kennedy Prize is dedicated to the memory of Bob Kennedy’s late parents, British émigrés who met in Australia after both departing their homelands, with promise and uncertainty, to forge a future in an unfamiliar country. His father gave service in World War I and later died of leukemia, leaving behind a wife and seven children. Kennedy was raised solely by his mother. The Kennedy Prize upholds and honours his parents’ legacy. The winning artist receives $25,000, and their artwork is be acquired by the Kennedy Arts Foundation, and at its absolute discretion, auctioned at the next year’s Kennedy Prize exhibition.

Notable Previous Winners


  • Byron Copland, Ageing Still Life Diptych

Winner: Kennedy Prize

The Different Award Categories

In addition to the Kennedy Prize, a People’s Choice Award is also awarded to the audience’s preferred entrant. Voting is conducted at the exhibition and only the finalists are eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

Information up to date from June 14 2023