Survey: How will the art world will change after Covid-19?

We asked directors, arts workers, critics, writers, artists and collectors.

Money Sullies Art: Starving artists

In this expanded Money Sullies Art, we address the cultural expectations that frame the economic plight of artists today.

With All Due Respect: Misery Money

How dependent are our art institutions on donations motivated by a desire to restore tarnished reputations?

Lifecycle of a Collector: Publish and be damned

There comes a time when a collector begins to toy with the idea of a book on their collection. Let’s examine the arguments.

Cultural Capital: (Men) Behaving badly

Now that artists can’t cash in on their amoral behaviour, the question becomes: what cultural capital do they need for us to invest in them?

Behind the Scenes: The White Idea

Might we be seeing the beginning of the end of the white cube?

Agenda: A place in the sun

Why should governments fund the visual arts?

Collector Profile: Andy Penn and Kallie Blauhorn

Telstra CEO Andy Penn and wife Kallie Blauhorn wanted a home where art came first.

Michael Vale: Michael in the Madness

Beneath Michael Vale's theatrical chaos are the accomplished creations of a highly organised, professional practitioner.

Daniel Boyd: Into focus

Daniel Boyd reframes Australia’s foundational myths as an ongoing history of Aboriginal survival and resistance.