Andrew Frost

Based in: Pearl Beach, Australia

Dr. Andrew Frost is a writer, critic and documentary maker. Since 1997 he has contributed to every issue of Art Collector, first as a senior staff writer and then as a freelance contributor writing Modern Lexicon and other regular columns and features. Since 2004 he has been the editor of and since 2013 the art critic for Guardian Australia. He is the writer and presenter of more than a dozen documentaries on Australian contemporary art for ABC1 including The Art Life (2007 & 2009) The A-Z of Contemporary Art (2013) and Conquest of Space: Science Fiction and Contemporary Art (2014). He directed and co-produced the documentaries My Space Program: The Art of Peter Hennessey [2016] and The Grand Mistake: A Portrait of Mclean Edwards [2017]. He is currently co-directing and producing a documentary about the township of Pearl Beach, where he lives on the NSW Central Coast.


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Christian Lock’s practice is a journey of experimentation. His latest works push the boundaries of painting.

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Drawing on patterns in modern life, from the street lights lining highways to the repetitive lines on bank statements, Jonathan Jones creates dazzling installations of light.

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James Gleeson’s life-long dedication to art is beyond the surreal. Collector’s dossier by Andrew Frost.