Olsen Gallery

A: 463 Jersey Rd, Woollahra NSW Australia

P: +61 9327 3922

E: info@olsengallery.com

W: olsengallery.com


Scott Daniel Ellison: Solo Exhibition

Olsen Gallery presents work by Scott Daniel Ellison.

Bernard Greaves: Streetscape

Olsen Gallery presents work by Bernard Greaves.

Eliza Gosse: Roller Skates and Stereo Cassettes Down Ocean Drive

Olsen Gallery presents work by Eliza Gosse.

Matt Bromhead: Ba

Olsen Gallery presents work by Matt Bromhead.


Olsen Gallery presents a body of work from Andrew Hazewinkel.

Gordon Barney and Lorraine Daylight: Father and Daughter

Olsen Gallery, in association with Warmun Art Centre, presents work by father and daughter Gordon Barney and Lorraine Daylight.

Jacqui Stockdale: Melbourne Art Fair Presentation

Olsen Gallery presents Jacqui Stockdale for the Melbourne Art Fair 2024.

Get Ready for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Check out the fair’s full lineup, special events, and much more…

On the Couch: Tim Olsen

Turning his back on artworld tall poppy antics, Tim Olsen credits his staff and artists with his gallery’s thirty years of success.

George Byrne: Synthetica

Olsen Gallery presents work by George Byrne.

Group Exhibition: 30/30

Olsen Gallery presents a group exhibition to celebrate 30 years in 2023.

Andrew Taylor: Paintings for Tomorrow’s Yesterday

Olsen Gallery presents work by Andrew Taylor.

Kenny Pittock: Hold Your Horses

Olsen Gallery presents work by Kenny Pittock.

Christina Zimpel: UNDERSTUDY

Olsen Gallery Annexe presents work by Chistina Zimpel.

David Larwill: Editioned Works on Paper

Olsen Gallery presents works from the Estate of David Larwill.

Stephen Ormandy: Optimism

Olsen Gallery presents new works by Stephen Ormandy.

Artist Profile: Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin

The works of Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin defy time and geography to provide a contemporary glimpse of her Country.

What’s on for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Find out what we know so far about the gallery list, program highlights, and a new commission…

Janis Clarke: Living a Life That’s Perfectly Still

Olsen Gallery presents works by Janis Clarke.

Brett McMahon: Beneath the sun, Under the moon

Olsen Gallery presents works by Brett McMahon.

Michelle Cawthorn: A Momentary lapse in Concentration

Olsen Gallery presents works by Michelle Cawthorn.

Louise Olsen: Manifestations

Olsen Gallery presents an exhibition of work by Louise Olsen.

Alan Jones: Paintings From Coopers Shoot

Olsen Gallery presents work by Alan Jones.

Group Exhibition: Nyoorn-Nyoorn Boorroorn Daam Bandarran (Country to Canvas)

Olsen Gallery presents work by four generations of Gija women artists.

Sarah Enright: Flesh For Phantasy

OLSEN Annexe presents work by Sarah Enright.

Sophie Cape: Dark Shimmer Rust

Olsen Gallery presents work by Sophie Cape.

Charlie Sheard: Manga Without Words

Olsen Gallery presents work by Charlie Sheard.

Holly Greenwood: Slippery Talk

Olsen Gallery presents work by Holly Greenwood.

Spring1883 Is Back

The contemporary art fair Spring1883’s eighth edition will be held at The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne.

7th Edition of Sydney Contemporary: What You Need to Know

Carriageworks will welcome back the blockbuster art fair.

Teo Treloar Joins Olsen Gallery

Sydney gallery and South Coast artist are drawn together.

Sydney sees new gallery devoted entirely to installation art

Work by Tim Georgeson is now open to view 24/7 at Passage, Haymarket.

Jonathan Delafield Cook: A Closer Look

Olsen Gallery presents work by Jonathan Delafield Cook.

Stephen Bird: Recent Etchings, Drawings and Ceramics

Olsen Annexe presents work by Stephen Bird.

Marie Hagerty: New Paintings

Olsen Gallery presents work by Marie Hagerty.

Tim Georgeson: Hidden Theatre

Olsen Gallery presents work by Tim Georgeson.

Vipoo Srivilasa: Always Better Together

Olsen gallery presents work by Vipoo Srivilasa

Charlie Sheard: Solo Exhibition

Olsen Gallery presents work by Charlie Sheard.

Leila Jeffreys: The wound is the place where the light enters

Olsen Gallery presents work by Leila Jeffreys.

Myles Young: Waypoints

Olsen Gallery presents work by Myles Young

Michael Cusack: Greygolden Meshes

Olsen Gallery presents work by Michael Cusack.

Janis Clarke: Here, There and Nowhere

OLSEN Gallery presents work by Janis Clarke

Chris Langlois: Where Land Ends

OLSEN Gallery presents work by Chris Langlois

John Olsen: Drawn From Life

Olsen Gallery presents work by John Olsen

Tjala Women: Nganampa Ngura Kurunjara (part II)

Olsen Gallery presents work by Tjala Women artists

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Jacqui Stockdale

Watch artist Jacqui Stockdale in conversation with Briony Downes about her work 'Madonna Joy'.

Art Collector x MAF 2022: Olsen Gallery

Olsen Gallery presents work by Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen at the Melbourne Art Fair 2022.

Olsen Gallery adds four artists to its stable

Matt Bromhead, Janis Clarke, Myles Young and Elliott Routledge represented by Sydney gallery.

Olsen Gallery welcomes back Charlie Sheard

After a hiatus, Sydney's Olsen Gallery is once again representing abstract painter Charlie Sheard.

What’s in the Stockroom: Olsen Gallery

This week we visit Sydney's Olsen Gallery, with founder and director Tim Olsen.

VIDEO: You me & COVID-19… Michelle Cawthorn and Peter Sharp

Where artists are interviewed by their iso partners.

In bed with… Tim Olsen

We curl up with leading Sydney stalwart Tim Olsen.

Melbourne Art Fair Goes Virtual

Melbourne Art Fair to host virtual fair in June.

MAF participating galleries

Melbourne Art Fair returns to Melbourne in June.

Giles Alexander joins Olsen Gallery

The Sydney gallery welcomes multi-disciplinary artist Giles Alexander.

New reps at Olsen Gallery

Philjames, Michelle Cawthorn and Holly Greenwood join the Sydney gallery stable.
Olsen Gruin New York

Art Collector Global: Q&A with Tim Olsen

With New York Gallery Olsen Gruin hitting the 18-months open mark, Emily Cones-Browne talks to Australian dealer and co-director Tim Olsen about going international.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.

John Young: Algorithms of Colour

After more than 70 solo exhibitions worldwide, John Young continues to innovate his artistic practice.

Jacqui Stockdale: From Where I Stood

Jacqui Stockdale's latest series draws on the enduring legend of the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly.

Peter Booth: Doorways, Dreams and Frozen Hands

Peter Hill sits down with Peter Booth to take a journey through the artist’s five-decade career, ahead of a new body of work.


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