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Karla Dickens: Cover-Up

Karla Dickens' first solo exhibition with Sullivan+Strumpf represents a shift for the artist towards a minimalist approach within her maximal environments re-presenting found objects to expose their barely concealed histories.

Sam Leach: Everything Will Probably Be Fine

Sullivan+Strumpf present works by Sam Leach

eX de Medici: Double Double Crossed

  Sullivan+Strumpf present Double Double Crossed…

eX de Medici: Double Double Crossed

eX de Medici's solo exhibition 'Double Double Crossed' opens in the gallery and online this Thursday 19 May 2022. Drawing on over twenty years of working alongside the Entomology Division at the CSIRO’s Black Mountain Research Facility, these intricate watercolours investigate the rare and beguiling species of Microlepidoptera (small moths).

Sydney Ball: Works on paper from the Sydney Ball Estate 1965-2017

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Sydney Ball's estate.

Seth Birchall: The Garden is Watered

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Seth Brichall.

Curator’s Radar: Naminapu Maymuru-White

These artists have recently garnered significant attention from curators of public galleries.

Alex Seton: Permanent Good Stream, Some Rocks

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Alex Seton.

Darren Sylvester: Dear Diary

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Darren Sylvester.

Art Collector x MAF 2022: Sullivan+Strumpf

Sullivan+Strumpf presents a group exhibition at the Melbourne Art Fair 2022.

Naminapu Maymuru-White: Milŋiyawuy—The River of Heaven and Earth

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Naminapu Maymuru-White.

Melbourne Art Fair Returns

After two years of forced closures, Melbourne Art Fair returns with its most innovative program to date.

2022 Summer Annual Group Show

Sullivan+Strumpf presents a group exhibition.

Natalya Hughes wins Michela and Adrian Fini Artist Fellowship

Brisbane-based artist awarded $20,000 Fellowship supporting women in visual art.

Tim Silver: Inbetween Days

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Tim Silver.

Joanna Lamb: One long moment

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Joanna Lamb.

Karla Dickens joins Sullivan+Strumpf

Trailblazing queer and First Nations artist joins stable of leading Sydney gallery.

Michael Zavros: Z Garden

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Michael Zavros.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran: The Guardians

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

National Gallery announces major commission by Lindy Lee

Eminent Chinese-Australian artist to create NGA's most expensive commission to date.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Kirsten Coelho

Watch artist Kirsten Coelho in conversation with Emma O'Neill about her work 'Chroma'.

Sullivan+Strumpf adds up-and-comer to its stable

Sullivan+Strumpf picks up local multidisciplinary textile artist Julia Gutman.

Jemima Wyman: Fume

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Jemima Wyman.

Kirsten Coelho: there on the other shore

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Kirsten Coelho

Two new painters for Sullivan + Strumpf

Yvette Coppersmith and Lara Merrett join the esteemed stable of leading Sydney gallery.

Artist Profile: Michael Zavros

A Michael Zavros doppelgänger in the form of a custom mannequin is the subject of the painter’s latest foray into photography.

Lynda Draper: Flowers of the Night

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Lynda Draper.

Michael Lindeman: Art Habits

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Michael Lindeman.

Yang Yongliang: Imagined Landscapes

Sullivan+Strumpf presents new work by Yang Yongliang.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Watch Briony Downes in conversation with artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso about '594 Eucalyptus Kingsmillii medium square'.

Sanné Mestrom: Body as Verb

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Sanné Mestrom.

Angela Tiatia awarded Ian Potter Moving Image Commission

Angela Tiatia awarded Ian Potter Moving Image Commission.

Glenn Barkley: The Urn of Bitter Prophecy

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Glenn Barkley.

Tony Albert: Conversations with Margaret Preston

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Tony Albert.

Karen Black: They might be giants

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Karen Black.

Group Exhibition: The Future is Humanity

Sullivan+Strumpf presents a group exhibition.

Richard Lewer wins 2020 Paul Guest Prize

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist takes out $15,000 prize with bushfire-inspired charcoal drawing.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Alex Seton

Watch Tai Mitsuji in conversation with Alex Seton about 'The Ghost of Wombeyan (a History of Forgetting)'.

Alex Seton: Meet Me Under the Dome

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Alex Seton.

Lynda Draper represented by Sullivan+Strumpf

New representation for boundary-pushing ceramicist.

Michael Zavros: A Guy Like Me

Sullivan+Strumpf presents new work by Michael Zavros.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Karen Black

Watch Jo Higgins in conversation with artist Karen Black about 'Tangled'.

Natalya Hughes: The Landscape is in the Woman

Sullivan+Strumpf presents an exhibition of work by Natalya Hughes.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Sam Leach

What makes this particular artwork WORK as a work of art?

Sam Leach: Fully Automatic

Sullivan+Strumpf present work by Sam Leach.

Sydney Ball: 1963–1973 Works from the Estate

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Sydney Ball.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Grant Stevens

What makes this particular artwork WORK as a work of art?

What’s in the Stockroom: Sullivan+Strumpf

This week we visit Sydney's Sullivan+Strumpf with Gallery Directors Ursula Sullivan and Joanna Strumpf.

Grant Stevens: The Forest

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Grant Stevens.

Darren Sylvester: Balustrade Stake

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Darren Sylvester.

Natalya Hughes joins Sullivan+Strumpf

Sullivan+Strumpf welcomes artist Natalya Hughes to its stable.

Gregory Hodge: Every Day

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Gregory Hodge.

Group Exhibition: Nothing Lasts Nothing’s Finished

Sullivan+Strumpf presents an online group exhibition.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran: Polymorphous Figures

Sullivan+Strumpf present work by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran.

Glenn Barkley: What do the birds say?

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Glenn Barkley.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso wins 2020 NSW Visual Arts Established Fellow

The Sydney-based multimedia artist awarded $50,000 grant.

Karen Black: It’s Not Real

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Karen Black.

Richard Lewer: As I stepped out into the bright sunlight

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Richard Lewer.

MAF participating galleries

Melbourne Art Fair returns to Melbourne in June.

Art Basel cancels Hong Kong fair

“You can’t really win against Coronavirus right now.”

Group Exhibition: Annual Summer Group Show

Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney presents its 2020 Program Launch and Annual Summer Group Show.

Tim Silver: The Silver Bullet

Tim Silver’s work shoots straight from the hip, investigating the spaces between love, fragility, decay and death.

eX de Medici: The Wreckers + Wei Rong Wu Collaboration

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by eX de Medici.

Barbara Cleveland: This is a stained glass window

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Barbara Cleveland.

Michael Zavros now represented by Sullivan + Strumpf

Sydney/Singapore gallery adds Brisbane-born painter to its stable.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran: False Gods

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran.

Tim Silver: The Distance Between Us

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Tim Silver.

Gregory Hodge: Fictions

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Gregory Hodge.

Baden Pailthorpe: Asset Pack

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Baden Pailthorpe.

Two new reps for Sullivan+Strumpf

Sydney and Singapore based gallery Sullivan+Strumpf announces its representation of painter Ry David Bradley and sculptor, installation and performance artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso.

Jemima Wyman: …like a siren it repeats

Sullivan+Strumpf present work by Jemima Wyman.

Hiromi Tango: Healing Circles

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Hiromi Tango.

Installation Contemporary: Standing out

Installation Contemporary breaks out of the booth.

Group Exhibition: Brisbane Brief

Sullivan+Strumpf presents the group exhibition Brisbane Brief.

Kirsten Coelho joins Sullivan+Strumpf

The Sydney gallery has announced its representation of ceramicist Kirsten Coelho.

Sanné Mestrom: There is a Poem

Sullivan + Strumpf presents work by Sanné Mestrom.

Dane Lovett: Same Scene Different Season

Sullivan + Strumpf present work by Dane Lovett.

Artist Profile: Angela Tiatia

Angela Tiatia’s latest work draws on ancient myth to explore self-absorption in the present day.

Group Exhibition: Future Past – Tradition and Transgression in Contemporary Art from Asia

Sullivan+Strumpf presents the Group Exhibition Future Past...

Sydney Contemporary brings fresh works in 2019

Your first look at the galleries and artists showing at Australia’s largest annual art fair.


Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Tony Albert.

Joanna Lamb: Everything is Waiting

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Joanna Lamb.

Angela Tiatia: Narcissus

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Angela Tiatia.

Art Basel returns to Hong Kong

The region’s largest art fair, Art Basel Hong Kong, kicks off another round at the end of March.


Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney presents new work by Richard Lewer. 

Polly Borland: Polymorph

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Polly Borland.
Dawn Ng

Dawn Ng: Perfect strangeness

Dawn Ng’s practice compels us to come face-to-face with what she believes truly motivates us: the desire to belong.

Sydney Contemporary 2018: Meet the gallerists

Three members of the selection committee for Sydney Contemporary 2018 have the scoop on what collectors can expect from this year’s fair.

5 Highlights from Melbourne Art Week

The Melbourne Art Foundation has unveiled details of Melbourne Art Week 2018, staged to coincide with Melbourne Art Fair in early August.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.

Encounters Preview Art Basel Hong Kong

For her fourth year curating the Encounters program at Art Basel Hong Kong, Alexie Glass-Kantor focuses on "inviting the audience to make contact with objects, artists and ideas".

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran: An Uprising

Charged with themes of politics, gender, sex and more, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran’s visceral sculptures are growing in parallel to his ascent to art stardom.
Sydney Contemporary 2017 performance

Fair de Force: Sydney Contemporary 2017

Barry Keldoulis isn’t joking when he says he’s most looking forward to the well-earned holiday that will follow the busy and hugely successful Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.
Arie Hellendoorn

Arie Hellendoorn: Controlled Psychedelia

Step inside Arie Hellendoorn’s painterly constellations of shapes, colours, textures and patterns.
Jemima Wyman

Jemima Wyman: Camouflage of art

Jemima Wyman brings the contemporary backdrop of protest to the fore in her visual practice.

Darren Sylvester: Broken Model

Coated in a glossy sheen and infused with pop culture references, Darren Sylvester’s latest work straddles the boundary between high art and fashion editorial.
Tony Albert

Curator’s Radar: Tony Albert

Tony Albert is attracting curatorial interest in Australia through inclusion in public exhibitions and major acquisitions.


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